News – Paperback now available

No Way But Gentlenesse PaperbackThe paperback edition of my memoir was published on 9th March 2017.

Guardian Paperbacks of the week. 18 March 2017. Nicholas Lezard’s choice: NoWay But Gentlenesse by Richard Hines.

As well as the paperback and hardback editions, No Way But Gentlenesse,  is also available as an e-book, and there is an audio version, published by Isis Publishing, Oxford.

Further reviews have been added to the Review section of the website.

One from the Financial Times on January 8th 2017, by Keggie Carew, 2017 Costa Book Prize winner for her brilliant memoir Dadland.

The other, from  the American website, Book Browse.
The Guardian

Review – Tim Dee – Book of the Week, The Guardian

“It is certainly worth having. And its plain-spoken and unflashy but eloquent account, as its title suggests, of all sorts of gentleness, first to do with the taming of meat-eating raptors, but then also related to Hines’ human kith and kin, runs deep into the literature birds and people … Hines’ sweet title comes from a seventeenth-century falconry manual. And gentleness sweetly pushes through much of this book”

Tim Dee – Book of the Week, The Guardian